May 7, 2011

Back in Paradise!

Hello friends,
The past three months have been one hell of a roller coaster ride.  As I am sure you all know by now I was emergency evacuated from Cozumel, Mexico on February 1st, the day of the record breaking blizzard in Chicago.  It all started on January 29th when I woke up with a red eye.  It was a sunday and there were very few people in the hospital to help me.  One nurse prescribed me an eye drop to take, but it was apparent she had no clue what was wrong with me.  That night was one of the most painful experiences in my life, if not THE most painful.  I actually woke my neighbors up with my screams of agony.  The next morning I went straight to the hospital at 8am, the optometrist didn't see me until 12pm.  When I finally got to see the doctor I had already gone blind in my right eye, it was completely covered by a white film and was oozing goop.  The doctor admitted me to the hospital and put me on and IV for antibiotics and pain killers.  Unfortunately no brand or dosage of drugs would ease the pain.  They put drops in my eye every 30 minutes as well.  The next morning the doctor came in at 10:30am and told me that I had to go back to the USA that day or else I would lose my eye.  There was nothing more they could do for me there.  So I called my dad and told him to get me a flight home, he replied with "Ok, just one problem, all Chicago airports are closed due to the blizzard and they are going to shut down Houston soon too".  Well shit.  Not to mention there is only one flight out of Cozumel at 12pm and by this time it is already 11am.  We decided just to get me on the plane out to Houston, my amazing roommates packed all my bags for me while the people at the hospital practically pushed me out with the IVs still in and the gown still flapping about.  I made it to the airport just in time, thank karma the plane was delayed.
When I arrived in Houston I was elated to see David, one of the owners of the dive shop.  Although I had only met him once before, he picked me up, took me in, and provided everything I needed.  He drove me to the doctor every day for 3 days straight.  He and his wife made dinner for me and made sure I was comfortable.  His 10 year old kids were just too sweet and his 3 year old boy took a real liking to me.  On the third day I finally made it back home to Chicago.  Of course coming off the plane I got very strange looks because all I had to wear was the Mexico attire.  I even got asked if I had just come from California. 
Mom and Dad were so torn whether to be happy or sad to see me. The most popular remark I heard from everyone I saw was "Its so good to see you, just not under these circumstances." I spent two weeks in bed drugged up waiting for the swelling in my eye to decrease.  Went to work with my dad after two weeks of healing.  Read the Red eye and ate our cereal on the 1.5 hour commute to work and drank scotch and played gin on the way home.  5:30am mornings - 8pm nights .... long day.  Went to bloomington/Indy a few times to see amazing friends. saw a lot of amazing live music. met up with old friends. and went to memphis is may beale st music festival. 

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